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DIY Water Testing at Home

There are many simple DIY water tests that you can do at home.

Some in-home water testing kits will test for several different parameters. The 5-Way Water Check reports results for Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity & Total Hardness is a great starter test kit. 

5 in 1 water testing kit

Another basic water testing tool is a TDS meter - Total Dissolved Solids.  By dividing the Permeate RO water TDS by the incoming feed water TDS you will get the percentage of TDS rejection of your RO membrane.  Once your membrane falls to 75% rejection it should be replaced.  This is a must have testing tool for owners of a RO Reverse Osmosis System.

TDS meter total dissolved solids

Other easy DIY in-home water testing for:

pH Alkalinity

Water testing for iron, lead, copper, hardness, chlorine, ph, alkalinity